Talking about rigid PVC foam plastic(2)


Compared with wood materials, rigid PVC low foaming mat […]

Compared with wood materials, rigid PVC low foaming materials are moisture-proof, anti-corrosive, insect-resistant, flame-retardant, non-paintable, non-toxic and tasteless, and also prevent termites. This kind of product can not only save wood, but also effectively improve people's living environment. It is the best indoor and outdoor building material.
I just mentioned that PVC low foaming materials can replace wood in construction sites, and can also replace other building materials. First, it reduces the amount of raw materials, which in turn reduces the cost of the product; lowers the thermal conductivity, improves the thermal insulation, and the thermal insulation; and reduces the thermal expansion.
The current PVC foam-forming products mainly include rigid PVC free foaming and crust foaming solid panels, hollow individual panels, rigid PVC foam decorative profiles, pipes, and rigid PVC foamed wood products. In the fields of construction, packaging, furniture industry, etc., the application is more and more extensive.