Environmental protection and energy saving of PVC foam board


Nowadays, the common plates on the market include log b […]

Nowadays, the common plates on the market include log boards, granular wood boards, multi-layer boards and PVC foam boards. After comparison, it is not difficult to find that PVC foam board is the main consumer board on the market. This is due to the excellent performance of PVC foam board to meet the needs of consumers to choose the board. Consumers generally require mildew, insect repellent, flame retardant, waterproof, moisture-proof, etc. in the selection of plates. The price of the wood board is high, and excessive use will result in the reduction of forest resources. Moreover, the original sheet has poor performance against mold and insects, has a short service life and is not easy to maintain. PVC foam board is able to achieve waterproof, moisture proof, mildew and insect proof. Other sheets, such as granular wood boards, multi-layer boards, etc., are far less effective than PVC foam boards.
 In addition to the above functions, PVC foam board in today's modern life, due to China's vast territory and large climate difference, so whether it is public areas, or home decoration, the purchase of sheet should pay more attention to heat insulation and insulation. The foam insulation board has the functions of heat insulation and heat insulation which are not available in other types of boards. Very popular and loved by consumers. Air conditioning in life is an essential appliance. However, excessive use can produce carbon dioxide and Freon, which can cause ozone layer damage and the greenhouse effect. Therefore, the decorative panels should be made of PVC foam panels that can be insulated and insulated. In this way, both hot and cold can reduce the use of air conditioners, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and create a low-carbon living environment.