Kindergarten PVC flooring to help children grow up healthily


Due to the environmental protection, safety, anti-skid, […]

Due to the environmental protection, safety, anti-skid, anti-bacterial, abrasion-resistant, stain-resistant, sound-absorbing and other high-quality characteristics of PVC flooring, it has been widely used in children's places such as kindergartens and parent-child gardens.
The traditional material floor is made of conventional processing technology, has no antibacterial properties, and is extremely vulnerable to bacteria and fungi. The company's PVC foam board can effectively block Escherichia coli and golden grapes for a long time. Bacteria and other bacteria that can cause serious damage to children, effectively blocking the possibility of bacterial and fungal attack.
The particularity of children's places relative to other places is not only to be more comfortable and safe, but also the choice and matching of colors. Now psychologists have found that children generally prefer brighter colors such as light green, orange, yellow, and light blue. Children who grow up in this color environment are healthier and more active. On the contrary, growing up in an old and bleak color environment is detrimental to the child's development. PVC foam board can be printed on the surface, painted, coated, and processed. It can attract children's attention and improve children's imagination.