• Craftsmanship


    Craftsmanship According to the production process, PVC foam board can be divided into PVC co-extruded foam board, PVC crust foam board and PVC free foam board. PVC co-extruded foam board has a very high surface hardness, is difficult to produce scratches, has a smooth surface, and has a certain mirr... read more

    Dec 29,2018 News
  • Less polluted than aluminum profiles

    Less polluted than aluminum profiles

    PVC profiles are industrial and domestic PVC products that have been extruded at high temperatures after adding various functional additives from PVC resin. According to performance, it can be divided into hard and soft. Hard PVC profiles are mostly used in construction, such as PVC doors and window... read more

    Jan 02,2019 News
  • The status quo of the PVC profile industry

    The status quo of the PVC profile industry

    Beginning in 1995, a group of powerful enterprises began to digest and absorb the technical essence of foreign European profiles, and developed their own door and window series, which became the leading domestic plastic doors and windows, promoted the technology update and development of doors and w... read more

    Jan 07,2019 News
  • Outlook for the development of PVC profiles

    Outlook for the development of PVC profiles

    Outlook for the development of PVC profiles During the "Ninth Five-Year Plan" period, China has achieved an average annual growth rate of 8% in the economy. In the recommendations of the "10th Five-Year Plan", it is clearly pointed out that further strengthening infrastructure construction and imple... read more

    Jan 14,2019 Industry News
  • Introduction of PVC

    Introduction of PVC

    Polyvinyl chloride, referred to as PVC (Polyvinyl chloride), is a vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) in the initiator of peroxides, azo compounds, or free radical polymerization under the action of light and heat. Polymerized polymer. The vinyl chloride homopolymer and the vinyl chloride copolymer are col... read more

    Jan 21,2019 Industry News