Paint process


Paint process Scope of application: It is suitable for […]

Paint process
Scope of application: It is suitable for the surface coating and paint treatment of PVC foam board; such as PVC bathroom cabinet paint process, PVC bathroom cabinet paint process, etc.
Main ingredients: cellulose resin, special polymers, etc.
Environmental standards: in line with phthalates, EN71-3: 1994 + AL2000 + AC2002, REACH.
PVC foam board paint: white, red, varnish, green, sky blue, pearlescent paint black, yellow, flash silver paint.
Features: PVC foam board paint series, easy to construct PVC board, strong adhesion, high hardness, good light fastness, no sawtooth cracks on PVC sheet cutting and drilling after painting, excellent performance, easy to spray, low The cost and single component are in line with ROHS environmental protection, and have good decorative and protective functions on the surface of paint-coated PVC bathroom cabinets and PVC bathroom cabinets.
Physical indicators:
Construction instructions
Surface treatment: surface degreasing, dust removal, cleaning, drying.
Dilution ratio:
Oil: Thinner = 1: 2 ~ 2.5
Spray viscosity: 10 ± 1 s (NK-2 cup).
Drying conditions: dry at room temperature / 10 min, dry at room temperature / 24 h 65 ° C / 30 min.
Performance test: 24 hours after spraying.
Note: PVC foam board paint should be thoroughly mixed before use. The diluted paint should be used immediately. The undiluted paint should be used within half a year.
The spraying space needs to be dry and ventilated, and the compressed air is water-free and free of oil.
Do not mix other types of paint with our paint.

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