Pvc door and window life advantages and disadvantages introduction


Pvc door and window life - good flame retardancy It has […]

Pvc door and window life - good flame retardancy
It has self-flame retardant, does not burn, has self-extinguishing property, and has a high oxygen index of more than 40, which is beneficial to fire prevention. Since the oxygen content in the air is around 20%, the plastic window does not burn under the natural environment. Beautiful appearance, strong texture, rich colors, easy to scrub and clean. Lightweight and flexible, impact resistant, no impact when switching. This is mainly because the sealing material of the doors and windows is an elastic material such as PVC and EPDM. Basically no maintenance, no need for paint, low cost of use. Air tightness, water tightness, etc. are much better than steel and wooden doors and windows, which are generally 2 to 3 grades higher than them. Air tightness and water tightness can cause many problems, such as energy loss caused by heat exchange between indoor and outdoor.
Pvc door and window life - shortcomings
Due to the low modulus of elasticity of PVC material, only about 1/80 of steel, due to the generally large material section, the material blocking area increases, resulting in a square area of ​​the whole window that is about 5%-11% smaller than the steel window. Aluminum is about 4% to 9% small. As the material section increases, the corresponding material line weight also increases, resulting in higher window cost, 30% to 50% more expensive than steel windows when loading single glass, but in some cold areas, PVC with single-layer double-glazing Compared with the double-story single-glass aluminum alloy window, the cost is lower than the latter, but the PVC window insulation and lighting are much better than the double-grade aluminum alloy window. This is one of the reasons why PVC windows are most successful in the cold regions of China.