Pvc plastic steel door and window advantages


Energy saving insulation This is mainly manifested in t […]

Energy saving insulation
This is mainly manifested in two aspects: 1. The production process saves energy, and the energy consumption for producing 1 ton of steel and 1 ton of aluminum is 4.5 times and 8.8 times that of producing 1 ton of PVC. 2. The use process saves energy, although the doors and windows are small, but the energy consumed accounts for about 1/3 of the energy consumption of the entire building. The heat transferability of PVC (0.14) can be 1/1250 of aluminum (175). In terms of windowing, the K value of aluminum alloy single glass window is about 7.0w/m2K, while the K value of PVC plastic single glass is 4.7 w. Below /m2K, it can save more than 30%. If you change to insulating glass, the energy saving effect will be more obvious.
Good noise isolation
Generally, the sound insulation of single glass steel window is 15~22dB, the single glass aluminum window is 20~26dB, and the single glass plastic window is 26~31dB. The double glass is better, the image of a little image is similar: the road is 8m away from the road. The window and the 16m place use aluminum windows, and the sound insulation effect is basically the same. For example, in Beijing, more than 30dB sound insulation window is used on both the main road and the fast side, and the sound insulation window of 25dB or more is used on both sides of the secondary road and the branch road. The main reason is that the thickness of the profile of the plastic window and the number of cavities usually exceed the aluminum alloy, and because the plastic window is made of seamless welding technology, the aluminum alloy is connected by a plug-in, and the sealing performance of the plastic window is much better than that of the aluminum. The alloy window has good sealing performance and can obviously improve the sound insulation performance. Many tall buildings have a strong wind (whistling sound) when the wind speed is strong, because the sealing is poor. Simple experiments have shown that if the place where the air is leaking is blocked with something, the wind will soon disappear.