PVC sheet has good chemical stability


The pvc advertising board is a foamed sheet with a hone […]

The pvc advertising board is a foamed sheet with a honeycomb structure in cross section, and is a vacuum plastic film with pvc as a main raw material. It is commonly used in surface packaging of various panels and is widely used in industries such as building materials and packaging. Among them, the application of the building materials industry has reached more than 60%, and the application level of the packaging industry is not low, and the pharmaceutical, environmental protection and other industries will also have certain applications.
The pvc advertising board can divide the whole by softness and hardness. If it is according to the production process, it can be divided into two types: crust foaming board and free foaming board.
Plates with a higher hardness coefficient are generally gray or white, and customers can make corresponding colored hard plates if they have special needs. From the characteristics, pvc sheet has good chemical stability, high hardness and strength, and has good corrosion resistance and flame retardant properties, which makes the application range of the sheet not limited to a certain field.
The pvc advertising board is mainly a thermoformed material. It is easy to process when it is made. It can replace some stainless steel products and corrosive synthetic materials. It is widely used in the chemical industry and water purification industry, mining and electronics industries.